Thursday, November 13, 2014

3. What is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet that you still wear?

Oddly enough, I have it on today.

I'll admit it:  several pieces of my winter wardrobe don't fit well right now, so I pulled out one of the few older items I still had in my closet and wore it today.

It's a jumper.  A black velvet-type jumper.  To be honest, it's a little too big (which is good) but it still looks pretty ok.  I've had it a long time, and for years it was my go-to for funerals; I wore it to Grandmother's funeral with a dark purple sweater

I hope it never truly fits again, but I'm thankful that I had it today.

I even got a compliment from one of our student workers.  "I like that!  It's kind of like an overall dress . . . what do you call it?"  

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