Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two's Company

Nine loves!

In no particular order, here are nine things I love:

1.   Ideas.  I love learning and teaching and just talking about ideas. 

2.   Peace, but  not at the cost of honesty.  I'd rather hash through a problem and find some resolution, but I think that conflict can be resolved with kindness and gentleness.  I think it's very possible to be kind and honest at the same time. 

3.  I love being a mom!  It's the hardest thing I've ever done, and as you already know, I have large amounts of internal conflict over being a WORKING mom, but seriously -- if you ask me to define myself, one of the first things I'll say is, "mom."  

4.  Uhm, yeah.  Enough said.

5.  Regina!!  I know I've written about Regina here before, but I really do love Regina so, so much!!  Some of the best people I've ever know have come into my life because of Regina.  I have been incredibly blessed by being a part of this wonderful group of women over the years. 

6.  Uhm, yeah.  Enough said. 

7.  I love musicals.  I love musicals.  I love musicals. I know they make no sense whatsoever (who bursts out in song when life is hard? or good? or confusing?) but there's something about musicals that just make life better.  

 8.  I love beaches and traveling.  I love traveling to beaches.  I love just plain old traveling and experiencing new places.  I love visiting cities and feeling their different vibes and personalities. My favorite North American cities are Chicago and San Francisco.  

9.  I love church.  I do love church buildings, but I also just love CHURCH.  I love the people, love the function, love what church is -- a group of messed up people, trying to do what they can to help each other get through this crazy life.  I love that we are saved by God's grace and love and not by our efforts to do the right thing and that absolutely anyone can be church because God has granted salvation to anyone and everyone.  No strings attached.  Just grace and acceptance and forgiveness and love.  

Yeah -- those are things I love.  There are more, of course, but I do love those.  How about you?

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