Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.

This is a picture of my sister Sheila and me. It was taken last fall at Harding's Homecoming - specifically at the Chi Sigs and Regina reunion.

Sheila is two years older than I am so she has always been a part of my life. We played together when we were little. She was always a bit more of a tomboy than I was, but we both spent a lot of time outside. We both loved to read, although I tended to gravitate toward contemporary fiction and Sheila delved into the classics. We are very similar yet also very different.

Music has always been part of our lives. Our mom used to play a wide range of classical, choral, and show tunes, but I was the one who crossed the line into that heathenish world of rock and roll first. I think I drove Sheila crazy with my radio blaring out top 40 and classic rock. I finally introduced her to classic Chicago and she liked the big band sound.

Sidenote: Sheila must have been wearing heels the day this picture was made because she's not taller than I am. Hmmm . . . .

Our adult lives could not appear more different to most people. I've only lived in Arkansas and Louisiana and my southern twangy drawl is obvious. Sheila spent six years living in Europe and speaks three languages fluently. She is still a deeper, more thoughtful person than I am. I am easily distracted and quick to take up (and abandon) and new interest. I still tend to read more fiction and listen to more rock music.

But she's my sister. We have cried together, laughed together, been angry together, and explored the mysteries of the universe together. She reminds me to get up and go outside. She reminds me that life is not about the here-and-now, but about eternal things. She reminds me that it's good to open my home to others, but that really all these things we do are not as important as being in relationship with God.

I grew up hearing my grandmother talk about her "dear sisters" (there were three) and I have a feeling that I will do the same.

Yes. Yes, I will.

Meet Sheila -- my dear sister.

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Sheila said...

Awwww....This is so sweet! I haven't been reading blogs much lately snd decided to catch up, and look what I find!

I wasn't wearing heels, really. They're kind of against my religion! But I'm pretty sure I was wearing these big clog-type shoes, and they have a pretty thick "heel," i.e., the whole underpart is thick.

Anyway, yes, classic Chicago and also the second movement of the Pathetique Sonata that Billy Joel used in "This Night..." You really did me a favor with that little customized rock orientation course.

And while I guess some might say I speak Croatian fluently in that I can talk with out stopping, I certainly don't speak it correctly!

I love you, dear sister.

And maybe I'll take your idea and use it to get myself going on my blog? I've got to do something....