Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And now for something completely different

If you're looking at this on Facebook, use the hyperlink in the title.

If you're here at the blog, enjoy this video of the Harding University Concert Choir!!


Brandy said...

i LOVED it!.....could only be topped if they were in tribal dress with sticks hitting the floor! how wonderful! makes me wish i had seen the entire concert....we don't get the chance to be exposed to great music often.

Denise W said...

Has HU received a special annointing of the Holy Spirit? Was there an interpreter present for the singing of tongues? Otherwise - that's against the Bible, sinners!

(for those who don't know me - that was a joke)

Lisa said...

Brandy, I SO wish you could've been there. This group is amazing every single time I hear them, no matter what genre they're singing.

Denise, LOL! If you could only hear the translation of the text. It's something like, "Be careful, young maiden for the youth with muscles broad may lead you down the path of destruction. Be aware, young warrior that the lovely flower may have a thorn."

Ha ha ha! They did this song in chapel once, though. THAT was amazing to see. :-)

Sheila said...

Well, Dr. Ganus is certainly into doing different things! I wouldn't probably want a whole concert of that, and it looks pretty weird doing it in formal black attire, but it was fun.

Lisa said...

I think the formal attire is exactly the effect they're going for. Musically, it's amazing but they really are going for the humorous effect with the whole piece.

Both times I've seen it, they've done it last and it followed many wonderful choral pieces. The kind that make me really, really miss being in a group.