Monday, January 29, 2007

What a weekend

Phone: Ring, ring

Me: Brackett Library, this is Lisa, may I help you?

Phone: Uh, this is Vincent over at the Circ desk. You might want to come check out the damage to the door over here.

Me: (Major flashbacks of angry patron breaking door last spring) Uhm, OK. What happened?

Vincent: I don’t know, but it’s off its hinges.

Me: (turning around to look and seeing LOTS of space between the door and the hinge) OH MY! OK, meet me over there.

So we journey to the door and find that it’s completely out of the hinge at the top. The bottom hinge seems to be missing the pin, which apparently caused the top hinge to pop out of place. Vincent, JT and I worked together to get it back in place and lock it. The lab worker is using the one functional printer to make a sign to put on it. I really don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s untimely demise due to being crushed by the library door. Vincent, JT and I narrowly escaped death .

So far this weekend I’ve experienced the Robert Randolph concert, a campus-wide electricity outage and firemen in the library, and now the broken door.

Who said life at Harding was boring?


Licia said...

Hey Lisa!

Wow, sounds like there's all kinds of excitement going on there. Kinda reminds me of some other library "fun" from past semesters....

I hope you're doing well. I miss you and all the others there at the library! Know you're being thought of, all the way from Germany. :-)


Licia said...

For the record, when I try to make a comment, the page comes up in German. So, I hope I did that right.