Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Trying this at home

Our internet connection here is really slow, but I'm going to try this anyway.

Recent hoorays:

Rebecca was accepted to Harding's Honor Symposium

Noelle had a great time on her Spring Break mission trip to the gulf coast

Emily made all A's even though she had to struggle in math this time

Caleb is reading his first LONG chapter book

Daniel has been seizure free since October and is reading on a 4th grade reading level.

Isn't God good? Amen and amen.

Keep checking on me. Stop in and recommend a book sometime.


Sheila said...

Ooh, this is eerie. Well, not really. But interesting. Your blog format is the same as Natascia's (Italian-Yugoslavian friend), and mine is the same as my friend Miriam's (Italian-American friend.) Among the four of us, I would say you are more like Natascia, and I am more like Miriam.

See, not really eerie. But I just noticed it.

Glad to hear all the good things about our nieces and nephews!

Love to all!

Lawrence Underwood said...

Wonderful news about the family. Note how different my blog's background is from y'alls. I'm just out of step with everyone except my buddy in England.