Friday, September 30, 2011

I got nothing clever for four. :-)

It's hard for me to think about what I want.  Seriously.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what needs to be done, but not so much thinking about wants.  But here goes.

1.  I want to be sitting on a beach with lots of sunscreen, good friends from all stages of life, and  wonderful seafood.

2.  I want to always remember just how much I have.  Sometimes I may stress about paying the bills or whine about not being able to do everything I want, but I have so much more than I actually need.  Those bills I'm paying mean that I have working transportation for my family, a home for my family, medical care, plenty of food, cell phones, satellite tv, more clothes than we can manage, and the ability to go and do most of the things we want to do.  


3. So I want YOU to help me remember all of that when I do get whiny.  My life may not be "perfect," but it's pretty good.  Yep.  I want my friends to help me be who I claim to be -- a grateful believer in a God who loves and saves.  When I'm less than what I should be, hold me accountable.  (Remember that I'm a big fan of being both honest and kind so I might fall apart if you just lay into me.  Being gracious goes a long way.)

4.  I want there to be a cure for Type 1 Diabetes within Caleb's lifetime.  I don't want him to have to live with this forever.

5.  I want to see Emily walk by Christmas and be back on flag line next fall.  I want her to have a day when she doesn't have to think about what she's doing with her feet and legs and she can just do it.  I want her to not have to wonder how many pain pills are left on the prescription or if she'll be able to manage her pain level without the use of medication.  I want her to remember the important lessons of all of this: what real friends do, what it's like to be a patient, and how much we need people during life crises.

6.  I want a housekeeper because I don't want to have to spend my little bit of "free" time doing housework.  I'd rather spend it with the people I love.

7.  Like Atticus Finch, I want to be the same person at home as I am on the street.

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Sheila said...

Hey, I'm so in and out of blogging, and didn't realize you have been writing.

Okay, i'm going to do what your asking, and ask you to do the same for me.

I like that you included sunscreen in your daydream. :-)