Monday, January 03, 2011

So how's that readin' thAng goin'?

I finished The Forgotten Garden last night. It was really good, but with kids at home and a dear friend having surgery, I've just been reading in bits and pieces. If you have a chance, read it, but it would be better if you could do it in big stretches.

Funny story -- one night when I was almost finished with the book, I decided to take a bath and read in the tub so I could finish it up. I got in there and about five minutes later, the electricity went out. If you've never been in a bathroom, soaking in the tub when the lights go out, I don't really recommend it if you have issues with the dark or with claustrophobia. Early in my life, I definitely had issues with the dark, but it's one of the things that God has helped me overcome so it wasn't that bad. I did have to choose to be calm, though. It would've been easy to get panicky and I would've been completely terrified by it in my early 20's. Bet you didn't know that about me, did you?

So the rest of my fiction list is still sitting there. I will probably skip everything but True Grit and postpone them until Spring Break. I started my intense re-read of Women, Food, and God this morning and will follow it with Thin Within. I'm going to use the blog for accountability on food issues. I will most likely NOT keep importing it to Facebook so if you want to read my ramblings and musings, you'll need to go to You can follow the blow or subscribe through a reader, but I just really don't want to delve into my lifelong food and body image issues in such a public venue like Facebook so after this post, I'm going to discontinue the import.

Now . . . I need to take a shower and get dressed so I can pick my kiddoes up from school. I haven't been a total sloth. No one can be called a sloth who gets four loads of laundry done and vacuums two rooms and a hall, right? However, I have yet to identify the funky smell around my computer. Hopefully, it isn't me. Taking a shower should solve that mystery.

Happy 2011, everyone!


miriam said...

lol! have a wonderful 2011 :)

Misty said...

I have a huge list of goals this year and one of them is to read 100 books. I thought it might be hard to find things to read but it looks like you have had no trouble finding a great list. I cant wait to sneak a few ideas. Thanks.