Friday, January 07, 2011

10 things you may not know (or: Confession is good for the soul)

1. I could easily be a recluse. I know I'm usually thought of as a people person, but I could very easily spend the rest of my life in sweatpants, watching The View.

2. Speaking of The View, I really like it. I realize I just alienated a lot of people in my life, but there are so few places in our culture where women get to speak honestly about what's happening in every day life, that I find The View refreshing. And I really like Whoopi Goldberg. Go figure.

3. I'm resisting this whole deal-with-your-food-issues thing. What I would love is to just wake up with a smaller, healthier body in which I could run a 5K for all the causes I care about and then go dance the night away for fun.

4. The other day, I watched three hours of a show called Little Miss Perfect. It's about moms and daughters getting the daughters ready for one particular pageant. It was like a train wreck; horrible, but completely engrossing to behold. What I learned: I am a much better mother than I give myself credit for.

5. I love my job, but still have serious resentment about having to work. The resentment is primarily aimed at our culture which makes it so d*** hard for people to live moderately and modestly. We all live at breakneck speed and yet feel like we're barely accomplishing anything. Something is seriously wrong with a culture that will not allow people to slow down enough to actually enjoy life. We spent our breaks from work recovering. That's not vacation; it's detox.

6. I also resent the fact that Western Christianity has turned a message of "my yoke is easy and my burden is light," into a list of things to do. Why did I have be 40 before I learned the value of meditation? And why are we so WORKS focused that we think it's wrong to slow down? (see Thing #5 above)

7. I have an appointment to talk bifocals with my eye doc next week. I am getting old.

8. I didn't tell you what I got for Christmas, did I? Oh my. Hmmm . . . it's a really big deal. I cried. Here's a hint:
And here's another:

I'll see if you can figure it out.

9. I often wish that those two British women would come clean my house for me. Better yet, I wish that Ty Pennington would just come build me a new one.

10. I tend to run late. In fact, I'm running behind schedule right this very minute and should NOT be doing this. So, I'll sign off for now and go change out of my reclusive sweats and have lunch with mi familia! Ciao!

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Lindsay said...

Lucky you to be off work for a day... Hope you're enjoying your Christmas break.