Wednesday, November 03, 2010

November 3

I love the seasons of the year and am so thankful that I live in a place where I get to experience a change of seasons. Arkansas changes seasons like I get up in the morning. It starts, then retreats; two steps forward, one step back. In October and November, a week of beautiful, crisp cool air can easily be followed by a week of 80+ degrees that feels like summer again.

Even with our messy transitions, I am still very thankful that my little neck of the woods has all four seasons: definite winter, definite spring, definite summer (VERY definite summer), and definite fall.

I hope I never forget the first year we moved back to NE Arkansas after our time down south. I was driving home one day, rounded a curve in the road, and BOOM! My eyes were flooded with the multitude of color of the trees on the hills. I'd forgotten how beautiful it was. SE Arkansas is mostly pine trees and other evergreens, so even if the weather changes, the visual impact is very different.

I love the other seasons too, but the transition from the heat of summer to the cool of fall is my favorite. The longer nights and lack of sunshine are a bit of a challenge, but the respite from the heat? Amazing.

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