Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Things

Thing 1: I'll be participating in the JDRF walk again this September. Over the past year, we've had our ups and down with Type 1, and I'm not just talking about blood sugar levels. This year, I'm organizing a team and the cheesy name we chose was The Burley Bunch. If you'd like to either join the team or make a donation, you can check things out on my fundraising page. Please consider joining us on September 18th in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Thing 2: Over the last year, I've met or reconnected with people and have heard their stories about life with Type 1. This isn't just for Caleb and our family. It's for my cousin Steve who has lived with this for 20 years. It's for my friend Kirk whose daughter was diagnosed several years ago and now deals with Type 1 as a teenage girl. Remember being a teenage girl? It's the pits! Try doing it with a chronic illness. It's for the sweet Harding student who is from Canada and relies on their socialized medicine program that doesn't cover any of her testing supplies.

Please do join us however you can -- walk with us, donate money, pray for us and for a cure.

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