Monday, June 21, 2010

A day late and usually a few dollars short

That would be me.

Yesterday was Father's Day and Noelle and I spent it driving back from Edmond, Oklahoma. She had her orientation for Oklahoma Christian, where she'll be a freshman in the fall. We had a really good weekend together but I wish we hadn't had to be away on Father's Day.

However, I want to use today to tell you about how much Keith has been a part of our year with Type 1. Last summer, when Caleb was sick we thought he had a stomach virus. Keith was staying home with him when he had to go to the doctor with him. When it became obvious that an ER trip and a flight to Children's was the next step, Keith stayed home with our other children so that I could go and stay with Caleb. When Caleb finally came out of his almost-coma and we began patient education, I was kind of worried. Shots were involved and Keith does not like needles at all. I remember looking at him and telling him, "You know you have to do this, right?" and he said, "I know."

And he has. When Caleb was still doing insulin shots, Keith was right there with him. When we transitioned to the pump, Keith was the first of the two of us to learn how to change the site. In fact, if Caleb absolutely HAD to have one of us do it (he usually does it himself), Keith would be able to do it without a glitch. I would have have to ask Caleb for help.

Usually, I'm the detail person of the two of us. I'm the information seeker and plan maker. Keith has been the leader in all things Type 1. He started the ball rolling on switching to a pump. He communicates with the company that we order supplies from. He found the informational websites that have been such a help.

We -- I -- could not have survived this year without him.

So happy Father's Day to Keith Burley -- a great father to a great Type 1 kid.

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