Tuesday, December 08, 2009

All is still well

This is the version of the song I heard first. This video was at a concert and for most of the time, you just see the back of some people's heads, but you can still hear Heather Payne's amazing vocals.

In my next life, I will be able to sing like Heather Payne.

Take the first few minutes and just let it wash over you. The strength of her voice; her ability to sustain pitch and communicate emotion through song. As an occasional singer, I know how much muscle control it takes and how exhausting it can be.

Toward the end, the camera person begins to focus on Heather and lo and behold! The usually pencil thin Heather Payne is great with child! To be able to sing this beautifully and well at a time when it can be difficult to even breathe deeply is astounding.

The beauty of a very pregnant woman singing about God's great gift -- who came as a baby through another woman -- is such a gift.

Yes. All is Well.

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