Thursday, November 12, 2009

The movie list, day 1

Recently, I asked for movie recommendations on Facebook. Here's the list so far:
  • Babbette's Feast
  • The English Patient
  • Frozen River
  • Henry Poole is Here
  • When Did You Last See Your Father? (Initially, I thought this person was actually asking me this question. Yes, I was blonde when I learned how to think.)
  • City Lights
  • Casablanca
  • Metropolis
  • Citizen Kane
  • Schindler's List (four recommendations at last count)
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley
  • The Elephant Man
  • The Green Mile (three)
  • Boondock Saints (two)
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • Amazing Grace (two)
  • Flash of Genius
  • North Country
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Defiance
  • Last Chance Harvey
  • Penelope (two)
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Marigold (Bollywood)
  • Welcome to Paradise
  • Ballet Shoes
  • Rescue Dawn
  • Band of Brothers
  • Grace is Gone
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • PS I Love You
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Life of David Gale (two)
  • A Mighty Wind
  • Best in Show
  • Waiting for Guffman
  • Paycheck
  • I am David (at least two)
  • Dear Frankie
  • Gran Torino
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Emma
  • The Mirror has Two Faces
  • Winds of War series
  • Sabrina, both the old and new versions
  • The Brothers Bloom
  • Luther (2001 version)
  • August Rush
  • Departures (Japanese version)
  • Ghost Town
  • Dan in Real Life
  • My Sister's Keeper
  • Once
  • Passengers
  • Food, Inc.
  • Sandlot
More have been added since this list was compiled so I'll include those tomorrow. Later, I'll let you know which ones I've actually seen and which I've added to my Netflix queue. Feel free to share any recommendations you have or comments about which ones you think I'd like!


Heather Mac said...

"Life is Beautiful" is perfect. It's in Italian, but it's soooo worth the struggle of understanding through subtitles. My mind must be stuck on foreign films, but I also think you would like "Water" (it's in Hindi). Dr. Dillion shows it in a lot of her classes.

lisa b said...

This just in from a friend:

Put me down with votes for Citizen Kane and Green Mile. AND add -- can't believe it isn't there already -- Shawshank Redemption.

E Lohroff said...

didn't see your FB post. Add "Bella"