Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some Food for Thought

I don't usually engage in a lot of public discussion about political candidates or issues, primarily because I don't like conflict. Don't get me wrong -- I care very much about our nation and hope that my children will be left with a country that has a few dollars and morals left. However, my ultimate citizenship is in heaven and I just refuse to get too bent out of shape about politics. No matter who wins this election, God will still be God and his purposes will be accomplished.

I've been very concerned about the amount of rhetoric in this election, but not the rhetoric from the candidates. My concern has been with the amount of hateful emails circulated about both candidates from people who call themselves believers. Some conservative believers forward emails that declare Obama to be the anti-Christ, while others lambaste Sarah Palin for having the audacity for being a working mom. One blog I read actually proclaimed that Sarah Palin was God's judgment on America and that we were so morally bankrupt that of course we deserved a woman in leadership. The irony? That blog post -- and the multiple comments in its support -- was written by a Christian woman.

That makes me sad -- very sad -- for more than one reason.

First, I would hope that we could remember that the candidates are people who have feelings. Imagine how hurtful it would be to have emails circulated about you, accusing you of being the anti-Christ or of being a radical Muslim terrorist when all publicly proven information shows that you accepted Jesus as a savior as an adult convert. It might hurt a little.

Second, why would a woman accuse another woman of being a sign of judgment? If you can't agree with someone's politics, that's one thing, but a personal attack on someone, calling them a sign of God's disapproval? Is that really necessary? Or even kind? Speaking as a working mother of five, I know how difficult it is to balance everything that entails. As Christian women we should be encouraging one another no matter what roles we fill. Women deserve better than to be maligned by other women.

We still have a few weeks before this election and all of its rhetoric will come to an end. I'm committed to not being a part of any speech that will degrade any of the candidates. Will you join me in this? I'm also determined not to malign anyone who voices support for a candidate that I don't like. I'm not going to judge anyone's Christianity by their political preferences.

Will you join me?

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Delia said...

I was just checking out your blogs...and I had to chime in here with a hearty AMEN!!! I have been so saddened by the hateful, vicious emails that have been forwarded by people who say they are Christians. I can't seem to hit the delete button fast enough when I see them. I just refuse to be a part of that stuff.

It is great to be able to trust in God's provision and control, no matter the outcome of the election.