Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Once Upon a Time . . .

in a land far, far away I promised a travelogue of my adventures in Europe and California. On both of my returns, LIFE greeted me by standing up and yelling in my face. It absolutely would not be ignored so it has taken a while for me to find the time to post my writings and pictures from the trips.

But I think I can do it now. So here we go. Oh -- and remember that the day before this all the flights I needed were canceled so my trip to the LR airport was actually my second attempt to leave the country.

April 11, 2008


So far, so good. Mama and Daddy got to the house by 7:00 and we left by 7:15. The flights were still on so I am here, checked in, baggage checked, and cleared through security. I guess extremely pale 40-year-old women don't qualify as any type of security threat.

Now comes the part I don't like: waiting in an airport, especially this one. The Little Rock airport is great in terms of smallness and manageability, but there's nothing to do here and it's traveling population isn't as interesting to watch as larger places.

Words of wisdom from my mom as we were waiting yesterday: "Don't take up with strange men." Not, "Have fun," or "I'm so glad you get to do this," or "Tell Sheila hello," or "What a way to celebrate turning 40!" No -- "Don't take up with strange men." I think she still lives in mortal fear of my becoming a loose, wanton woman. How funny is that?

I'm already appalled by airport prices. $2.69 for a bottle of water.


In the air, seated on the very back seat of the flight. Very loud. May use my new iPod before the international flight in order to deal with the noise. In the airport I of course wound up talking with someone with Searcy/Harding connections. He goes to church with my parents, his wife is my ultimate boss's assistant, and his son is in my daughter's class at Searcy High. Such a small world.

I'm seated next to a quiet cowboy, complete with hat. Two hats in fact. A brand new one is perched on his lap.

Things are a little bouncy so my handwriting is a mess.

I'm very tired. I think that with some Nicolette Larson and Tylenol PM, sleep will be very possible on the next leg of the flight. I need to remember to tell Colby that I bought Three Cups of Tea to read on the plane.

OH! And J is pregnant! She called to tell me last night! It made the whole 24-hour delay worth it! :-)


I'm in O'Hare -- thank goodness -- and no thanks to the pilot of the last leg. Bounciest descent EVER. Even the flight attendant commented on the turbulence. I was very thankful I'd decided against the bagel before leaving. Now I'm at Chili's -- same one as my last stop at O'Hare -- and have a little over 3 hours before I need to be at my next gate for the flight to Paris. And although I'm very much enjoying not having anyone else to be responsible for, I have to admit that it would be really nice to have another adult to talk with during the waiting time. Sooo --- I'm very much looking forward to seeing Sheila.

There is still more from day 1 but I have to get ready for work so I'll finish later. And once the posts are about my time in Europe, there will be pictures to accompany them. That's when the read adventure begins!


Teresa C said...

I'm looking forward to reading all about the trips!

Maury said...

Ooh....this was just a teaser...I am getting excited too!

That comment from your mom CRACKED me up!!!!