Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 1, Part 2

---- Note: Be sure to read the "Once Upon A Time" post if you haven't already ----

Time: 5:00 PM

On the plane to Paris now. The plane isn't completely full and there is an extra seat next to me. HUZZAH for elbow room. And I'm tired enough I doubt sleep will be an issue.

I'm very glad I have my black slinky clothes.
They are very comfortable. (An added sidenote: this was a nickname given to Coldwater Creek's travel knit that I purchased for the trip. I highly recommend it. It feels like you're wearing pajamas but looks very pulled together. Top it with a denim jacket and you can't go wrong! OK -- back to the travelogue) It would be nice to have a window seat but having leg room is good too. Thankfully, I've always been able to sleep pretty much anywhere, any time. I only have one day in Paris and I do not want to spend it sleeping or with a horrid headache.

I'm still gearing myself up for the fact that I will have to use an airplane bathroom. I avoid them on short flights.

We're about to take off. This is real. I will either see Sheila in Paris in eight hours or I will meet the Losties in person.

Either one would be fantastic.

Note to self: I should probably learn to take life more seriously. Or not.

The guy across from me looks like Randy Discher on Monk and there is a sweet baby boy in front of me. I hope I can get a picture. (I didn't.)

Time: ????

In-flight meal: chicken and rice, garden salad and roll. Not terrible.

In-flight movie: Becoming Jane. Perfect

iPod: Indispensable due to very unhappy child 2 rows back. Cute boy in front of me is soundly sleeping.

Time: Cell phone says 10:12 but we're moving across time zones, so who knows???

2nd in-flight movie: National Treasure. However, I've been mostly asleep. So has the sweet baby in front of me, but the sad little guy further back switches back and forth between asleep and obviously unhappy.

Poor little guy. Poor mom. I don't think I could have done that.

I still have no clear expectations of what it will be like to get off the plane and be in France.

FRANCE! My life doesn't include places like France and Florence. It includes midwives, babies, children, and school.

This is rather amazing.

Oh -- and each time I've gotten up and walked around the plane, a poor guy behind me has had a laptop up with spreadsheets open. Poor thing. I'm so glad I left mine at home. SO glad.

Time: 7:45 Saturday AM.

We will be landing in less than an hour.

The adventure begins.


Sheila said...

The Losties?

Enlighten me.

lisa b said...

The Losties as in the the inhabitants of the island on the tv show Lost. It's another way of saying, "or this plane will be torn apart in mid-air and crash onto a mystical uncharted island in the middle of the ocean where the space/time continuum seems to be flexible and all manner of strange things happen that defy human understanding."

Gotta love it.

not-so-deep Denise said...

So you didn't take up with the Randy look-a-like?

Poor, poor Shelia..... Doesn't know the Losties.