Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just for fun

Spring Sing is an annual event at Harding. It was "born" in 1973 (I think) so we kind of grew up together. It's become one of the biggest recruiting weekends for the university and youth groups from all over country come to see it. There are four performances every year and each one sells out our 4,000 seat auditorium.

If you've never been to it, it's hard to describe. It's a student-created musical production and follows a similar format each year. Outside judges come in and awards are given. It's very competitive. When we were in school the award money went back to the student organizations; now they donate it to local charities of their choice.

Before moving back to Searcy, Keith and I would often bring groups up for Spring Sing weekend. When we did, we usually took them to either the Friday night or Saturday afternoon show. However, one thing that EVERYONE should experience at least once in their life is a Saturday night Spring Sing show. It's the last performance, the bugs have all been worked out and at the end, the awards are given out.

But that's not the reason you should go. You should go because of the ENERGY that is in the building. For several years in a row I would drop in just in time for the finale and awards and I could physically FEEL the wall of energy when I walked into the auditorium. It's hard to describe. The student performers are there, alumni are there, parents are there and they're all a part of the dynamic.

So for those of you who never have experienced Spring Sing and for those of you who have and miss it, settle back and check it out. This is the finale from last year's show and it was captured by an audience member so you get the full effect of the energy level in the audience at a Saturday night Spring Sing show.

Now -- who wants tickets?


Lindsay said...

Oh Lisa, this is awesome and sounds like so much fun. When is it? Loved watching the drummers. We had a drum circle led by a Brazilian music minister from El Dorado at OBU. Really awesome and so exhilerating and freeing.

Lisa said...

Ooh, I left that part out didn't I? Spring Sing is always Easter weekend so this year it is NEXT WEEK. Can't believe it!

Teresa C said...

I miss those days! I enjoyed going a couple of times with the youth when I was in Monticello. I always liked it better than Sing Song at ACU.

not-so-deep Denise said...

Well, now that I've been to Sing Song..... I think the host and hostesses were better at Harding. I'm always so dissappointed in their singing and (attempted) dancing.

I love the drumline onstage! Musically it sounded good, too. Why, why on Easter?

Do you think I'll be bringing my kids up there in a couple of years?

Sarah said...

Okay, let's not rag on poor ol' ACU's attempt at Spring Sing -- which, incidentally, isn't in the spring, and is now in it's 50th year, so I guess it was at least first, if not better according to votes here.

My favorite Sing Song (ACU) Saturday night story is the night the host proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the show. I think the entire campus heard about before it happened, though. Pretty cool.

Lisa said...

Well, I just got back from the final dress rehearsal for this year's show and it's gonna be good! No drum line on stage, but in true c of C fashion, there was a hostess number backed by an a cappella choir! And they were SOOOOO good! Made me want to get up and dance -- I mean, do choreography!!

Lindsay, if you ever make itup here, I'll personally give you a tour of campus and of course the library.

Teresa, come on over and see it again!

Denise, I hope you do bring your kids! We can stand in the back and dance. HA!

Sarah, there's no way I could pick a favorite SS memory. The year a host fell into the orchestra pit from being a little too showy? Maybe. The 6/7 years that my club and our brother club won? Maybe that. Or maybe it was when they did a salute to Broadway that ended with "Go, Go Joseph" and the stage was filled with students decked out in full hippie garb, dancing 60's style.

Too much fun to pick just one!

Lawrence Underwood said...

Hah! Look at all the choreography going on!

And, Denise I remember a few Spring Sings we were in.

Maury said...

I have pictures from youth trips to Spring Sing that have Teresa in them, and then also pictures from when Lisa and Keith took us! I need to dig those up!