Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A few things that make me smile

Here are some recent posts from my facebook wall. They all made me very happy and I wanted to share them.

From one of Becca's friend who left the state for college:

So I'm sitting in my theatre class and well there's a lady that works in the library who specializes in Theatre and Media Arts studies and I couldn't help but to think of the awesomest "Drama Mama" in the world!

From one of our student workers right before school started:

i dont think i've ever quite been this excited to go to a library meeting. it is up there with ridiculously excited....

From one of my friends:

So, do you want to go in on a cow?

From a friend after discussing the Beatles:

Was/is your dad a classic rock fan? Or were you just born out of time?

Anyone who knows my dad should be laughing out loud right now.


Sheila said...

What was the context for the cow proposal? Just curious....

Lisa said...

We were discussing the possibility of splitting the cost of purchasing a quarter side of hormone growth-free beef.

We're doing it, by the way. So no growth hormones in the burgers this fall. Woo-hoo!

Lisa said...

Make that "growth hormone-free."

High School Musical 2 had my brain slightly addled.

Sheila said...

Are you buying organic milk, too? We drink a lot more milk than we eat beef, so that's where our money goes.