Saturday, August 04, 2007

Unrelated Thoughts

Today I did two things I've never done before.

1. I deliberately chose not to finish a book. It was a book that many people had recommended to me. A book that had been on my list to read for quite a while. A book I bought with money and didn't borrow from a library. I got about halfway through it and just had no desire to read any further. The plot was lame and there was a ton of pretty explicitly described sex. So -- I just chose not to finish it.

2. I opened a used book return account at our local Hastings. I took the above-mentioned book and several others -- which were perfectly fine books, I just doubted I'd ever read them again -- and returned them to Hastings for credit. Now I have $23.94 on a Hastings gift card. WOO-HOO!


We have twelve more days before Rebecca moves into the dorm. She will be living in the same freshman dorm that all the other Harding-attending women in my family have lived in. That means that my mom, my aunt, my sister, me, my two cousins, a cousin-in-law, and two sisters-in-law all started our Harding careers in Cathcart. My mom, sister, and I all lived in Cathcart 2 short. Guess where Rebecca will be! Yep! She's in the room right next to mine.


I'm spending some of my at-home time cleaning out my closet and other areas of my bedroom. I may get rid of some shoes. What size do you wear? Let me know -- I can send pictures of what I'm tossing and you can tell me if you want them for the price of postage. Most are size 8 to 9, depending on the style.


My ongoing desire to add exercise to my life has been fruitless. I don't know how to balance all the factors -- time, location, lack of natural desire. Sigh. This is frustrating to me.


I had to write a defense for including the book The Lovely Bones in a high school collection. It was a class assignment. My teacher returned it via email today and said it was "Outstanding." That made me happy.


On August 20th I will don collegiate gear for the third time in the last 3 months in order to participate in convocation during chapel on the first day of school. This particular exercise -- the pageantry of the faculty in their robes and the parade of state and national flags by students -- always makes me feel like I'm at Hogwarts. Hmm -- I wonder if we could get a sorting hat for dorm assignments? If we'd been sorted by a mind reading hat, would all the women in my family have wound up in the same dorm?


After convocation I will only have 2 (maybe 3) occasions of marching as a faculty member *without* a master's stole. I will finish my degree at UT either next summer or fall. WOOT-WOOT! I haven't ruled out getting a PhD, but that whole time and money thing is a pretty big deal these days.


The other day I heard Dan Man walking through the house singing. I listened closely. It seemed to be one of his own compositions.
Oh yeah, I walk through the house and I shake my little tushy. I shake my little tushy while I walk through the house.

Two words: Oy vey.


Carisse said...

Nancy Pearl, the librarian who has become an action figure, spoke at ATLA last year ('05) and explained her rule: subtract your age from 100 and that is the number of pages you must read of a book before you decide whether to keep reading. If you live long enough, you get to judge every book by its cover without reading ANY pages!

Brandy said...

i like dan man's little song...and he and karis must be made for each other. that is, anyway, if they could ever accomplish anything besides singing.
i'd like my chance under that sorting hat.
i'm proud you put down a book that apparently wasn't worth reading.
and i'm having some issues with exercise, too. let me know when you figure that out. :)

Denise W said...

Go Cathcart! (3rd floor) Does this mean that Rebecca's going to pledge Regina? Is that a given?

You have got to tell us the title! What would be that bad? I'm really trying to make my way through my first Jane Austen, Emma, and I may have to use that page rule. I was going to 100 and if I couldn't abide it anymore - it's outta here!

Now I'm gonna go and Shake My Tushy!

Lisa said...

Carisse -- Great idea! And I'm kind of jealous that you got to hear Nancy Pearl in person! The only librarian ever turned into an action figure! Well, unless you count Batgirl. For the uninformed, Batgirl was a librarian.

Brandy -- if I could do what you do in Tae Kwon Do I wouldn't be worrying about exercise. You wouldn't have to run away from any possible attackers. You could kick the stuffing out of them! And can we just go ahead and find a matchmaker? I'd love having you and your girls in my life forever!

Denise -- Are you sitting down? Social clubs are not a big deal anymore. They're still there and some people still pledge, but the campus is not awash in club jerseys on Fridays. There's more to do on campus and more students have ways to get off campus. Will Becca pledge one? I don't know. Regina would be cool, but she's got a great group of friends already. We'll see.

And to tell or not to tell the title? Hmm -- well the larger part of my decision not to finish it was the severe lack of plot. I was an English major. I can handle just about anything that furthers plot or character development. Besides -- you can always turn pages and skip the "I was dreaming of being surrounded by a group of butterflies brushing against my bare arms but awoke to find. . ." passages. But -- to me -- the plot was just lame and going nowhere and I was halfway through the book.

Oh -- and it was Outlander. :-)

Brandy said...

i'm fairly confident in my kicking abilities...however i only work out up there once a week. i've been having "monthly issues" and just plain feeling tired all the time. i think i may actually be old enough now (i'm 29-go ahead and laugh) that i need to be getting my heart rate up for at least 30 minutes everyday. really. i'm tired of being tired and just not feeling like myself. but i honestly can not find 30 minutes. and i can't drag myself out of bed before 8:00, either. PROBLEM!
and, btw...i am SO for parent choosing the match for their children. don't you think we could do it much better than them? at least, some parents, anyway. tee-hee.

Suzanne said...

brandy - if we're match-making i vote we don't put your first born with my first born, good grief watch the sparks fly! but i would match up the others!

lisa- hogwarts made me laugh, now i can't even imagine you being all serious up there without a little inside joke grin! i'm missing you and desperately needing a mentor in my life. i'm losing my perspective a little - i guess it's that time again. i can't imagine how busy you are, but try to email some time!

Maury Draper said...

Best wishes to you and to Rebecca as yall make this transition to college! She is such a beautiful and smart woman, I am so excited for her!

Oh, and I love Daniel's song too!