Thursday, August 09, 2007

Convocation 2006

Here's a peek at last year's convocation at Harding University. You'll notice that all the faculty members look absolutely thrilled to be there. I am not in the picture. Boo hoo.

I think most of us spend the entire chapel service thinking, "Why do I have to wear black on the absolute HOTTEST day of the year in Arkansas?" Either that or "I wonder who's going to sing Climb Every Mountain this time. I hope they can hit the high note."

Have I ever mentioned that Climb Every Mountain is probably the song I hate the most in the world? I've never liked it and it keeps Sound of Music from being my all time favorite musical. And now I hear it four times a year: convocation, December graduation, May graduation, and July graduation. In fact, last year the music teacher who always accompanies the singer asked me if I would consider singing it for convocation. It took a lot of self-control to not run away screaming, "NO!!!" but I managed to say something like "Oh, I really think that should be a student, don't you?"

However, I had a very pleasant surprise at summer graduation this year. The student who sang it was amazing! She played the role of Belle when Harding did Beauty and the Beast a couple of years ago, so I knew she had a wonderful voice. I was sitting next to her uncle during graduation and when it was over I said, "Please tell Lyndsay that I hate that song but that she made even me want to listen to it. She was amazing." So -- Lyndsay Hoggatt -- congratulations! I hope I can have a similar experience the first day of chapel.

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