Monday, July 02, 2007

Lots of Love

I think I mentioned this, but haven't shared pictures.

Noelle cut her hair for Locks of Love a couple of weeks ago.

Here she is signing in. Look how long her hair is . . .

This is the hairdresser measuring it to see where she needs to cut . .

The first big cut!!!! Noelle looked so serious through the whole thing I was afraid she was having major second thoughts!

But she loved it! Look how cute it is!!!!

I love the way it stacks up in the back. Isn't it great?

I love the cute cut, but the coolest thing was her servant heart that showed through. This was her idea. She grew her hair out for a year to be able to do it.

I love you Noelle!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Travis from the Church of Christ Bloggers community on Facebook. I like her new cut, too, especially since it was for a great cause. I'll be checking your blog from time to time, and feel free to check mine out too.

And I also work at a library.

Brandy said...

i love you, too, noelle!

Denise W said...

Cute hair....

Shelley Smith said...

awesome! that will make some special girl very happy!