Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ten random thoughts of late

1. Wow it's hot in here.
2. Gyms in the south really should have air conditioners.
3. Tray 7 to station 28!
4. Where did all these people come from?
5. Oh shoot! I forgot to pick up the pictures.
6. Foot, I can't go. I have a workshop to coordinate on the 19th.
7. Ten years from now Daniel will be graduating from high school.
8. I hope it rains on Saturday. Then Becca's graduation will be inside.
9. Why do Young Adult novels have to be so foul?
10. Woo-hoo! This is my last Sunday night to work until fall!!

1 comment:

suzanne said...

the ten years from now made me think about my own... wow... what a difference a little decade will make in all our lives.