Saturday, April 14, 2007

SRT Update #2

Well, I finished Memoirs while I was in Nashville and still hadn't checked out Perelandra so while I was cruising around the mall, I stopped by Barnes and Noble. I went to the B&N classics section and found ONE copy of a book I've been wanting to read for years. It's a Charles Dickens, but not one that's read quite as often. Most are familiar with the titles Oliver Twist and Tale of Two Cities but not as many are familiar with Nicholas Nickleby. I saw a movie version of it a few years ago and have wanted to read the book ever since.

OK, I know I work in a library. I know I have worked in libraries for quite a while now. I know I could've checked the book out of a library at any time and gotten it read. Confession: I don't just love to read books. I love to buy books. I check out lots of books for work and school purposes, but I like to buy the books I read for fun. Even if I wind up giving them away in a year or so, I like to own them when I'm reading them. I have no idea how much I spend on books. Buying books is an amazing thing.

But I digress. I bought the book and am now battling my conscience: do I pursue the reading of a book not on my SRT list? Or do I set it aside and carry on with Mr. Lewis in space? Decisions, decisions!! What's a book-loving, book-owning (yes, I bought the space trilogy too and have no excuses for not reading it) girl to do? Help me Great Reading Guides! Guide my decision!

What's that? I should be reading Foundations of Library and Information Science? I should be studying? Preparing for finals?

Oh. Yeah. I should.

So shelve the fun stuff and get back to work. Classes will be over soon and you can resume your quest to save either the orphans of Victorian England or the inhabitants of Planet Earth.

to be continued . . . . .


Sheila said...

And it would be smart to figure out how much you're spending on books, don't you think???

If it's like your shoes and, what was it, purses?--then according to your children it may be more than you think!

(We learn all kinds of things, and i promise it's without asking!)

Lisa said...

For the record, every book, purse and shoe I buy is on MAJOR sale and I rarely spend more than $10.00 for shoes or a purse.

And I have many less pair of shoes than other females in my family. Neither do I own a lot of purses. I have one and when it is worn out, I get another one.

Some children are known to exaggerate and notice purchases only when the items are not purchased for them. :-)

Lisa said...

Make that "many fewer"

:-) LB