Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring has sprung

I'm looking out my office window and seeing splashes of bright green and pink. The azaleas are blooming and Harding's campus is beautiful -- right in time for Spring Sing, of course.

Only this year the Burley clan will be absent from Spring Sing festivities. I'm taking the girls to Nashville, TN for the annual Lads to Leaders convention and Keith is taking the boys to South Louisiana to eat boiled crawfish. None of us will be home for Easter. :-(

I know we'll have a good time on our separate trips, but I'm rather bummed that we will be in different places Easter Sunday. It's enough to make me rethink our decision to do Lads to Leaders every year.

BTW, hasn't the c of C gotten a lot of press lately. Unfortunately, no one made a big deal out of ACU's wonderfully kind treatment of the Equality Riders from Soul Force. I was so thankful to call myself a Christian when I read of their day with the Soul Force group. For more info, check out or the ACU website.

Gotta go. I should be working. Oh! and I have many more than four friends on Facebook now. That really explodes!

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