Sunday, May 04, 2014

Day 5: A song that reminds me of someone

Every song reminds me of someone.

Every song.

Music is the language of my soul and people are my energy, my reason, my soul's home.

Every song.

So instead of one song that reminds me of one person, I'm going to choose a song for each of my children.

First, for my Becca.  You made me a mom.  You filled a place in my heart.  You got the best of me because I was young, idealistic, and full of energy, but you also got the worst of me because I hadn't learned to be patient or to lighten up on those ideals. For you? One Girl Revolution.


For my Noelle?  You changed us from a couple with a baby into a family.  You were energy and power from the first minute you were born.  You help us remember to have fun, and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  You love deeply.  You are stronger than you know.  For you? Anthem.


For Em?  Your courage and strength amaze me.  Your focus and determination are unmatched.  You challenged me to meet one of the largest obstacles of my life and you gave me courage to realize that I was worth it.  That I didn't have to be afraid or alone.  For you?  Neko Case's Afraid.

Caleb, you are my first son.  My big old boy/man with a heart of gold.  You've faced challenges that most of us don't have to consider until we are older, and you haven't allowed them to harden you.  Your love for music and people is dear to my heart and I am amazed by the man you are becoming.  For you?  A song that speaks to the trials of life in a way that makes them beautiful and fun and is born from the stringed instruments that you love so much.  Man of Constant Sorrow.

And Daniel?  Your calm, observant spirit helps me remember to listen before I speak.  It isn't easy to be the youngest child in a big family, but you do the job and do it well.  You love Japan, video games, grunge rock from the 90s and you're becoming a real pro on the stage.  You are teachable, which may be the most important quality of all.  My song for you is Smells Like Teen Spirit -- only a much cooler version.


These may not be the songs you would have chosen for yourself, but they remind me of you for a variety of reasons.  More than anything, know that you are loved and I am thankful that we all share a love of music, even when we don't always agree on what music we love.

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Sheila said...

I don't know all these songs, but I do know that this is awfully sweet. Hope I can listen to them later.