Friday, December 07, 2012

Photo Challenge: a calendar

Almost two years ago, a friend tore out this saying from her page-a-day calendar and gave it to me.  We had recently had a deep discussion about our mutual need to get out of routine and into a deeper place of faith and relationship with God. It wasn't that we weren't going to church -- we were.  It wasn't that we weren't praying -- we were.  It wasn't that we weren't reading our Bibles -- we were.  We just both felt . . . stuck.

A couple of days later, she gave me this.  I don't know that it answered all my stuck questions, but it has served as a constant reminder that there is more to my faith journey than the comfortable routines.  It also helps me remember that a partner to learning about truth is living out that truth, or being sure that it has an "expression in life."

What do you do when you feel stuck?  When your external actions and head are in the right place, but your spirit still feels off?  What helps you move past book knowledge and ritual and into experience and devotion?

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