Monday, June 04, 2012

Around the House

Summer is in full swing. 

All five Burley children are home for the summer.  Emily has moved back upstairs, although stairs do still cause more work for her.  Becca has moved her bed and dresser into the room-formerly-known-as-the-living-room and will be with us through December, when she will graduate.  Current plans are to move to Atlanta after that. 

Noelle just got a (second) summer job.  She's still working on campus at the Alpha Chi office, but will also be working at McDonald's.  SO PROUD of her for sticking out the very difficult process of job hunting and for being willing to work at a job that many people will not consider. 

Emily started Intermediate Algebra at Harding today.  This will take the place of the semester of Algebra II that she missed because of the wreck.  Her teacher will be Mr. Dugger, the father of one of my forever friends. 

Caleb and Daniel are both doing Kidstage again.  This year's production is High School Musical.  Daniel is playing the lead role, Troy Bolton.  Caleb plays his dad, Coach Bolton. 

I kind of doubt ours will be this dancey. 

I'm headed to Nashville for Christian Scholars Conference this weekend.  I've been looking forward to it for quite a while.  I was also in Nashville just a couple of weeks ago for Christian College Librarians.  I really do like Nashville.  It's a cool place. 

I took this picture after a morning walk on my last trip.  I'll add more pictures later. 

Hope your summer is going well. 

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