Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the end, it will all be OK. If it isn't OK, then it isn't the end.

Between wrapping up the semester and getting ready for Christmas, I hadn't looked at my blog. I didn't realize that my last post was my despondent one, written on one of the most difficult post-bone graft days that we had.  The following Tuesday, we got good news at Emily's check up and since then, her pain level has returned to occasional rather than continual.  And that is good.

The good news?  The ortho docs gave Emily permission to use her scooter again and to start walking with crutches in physical therapy.  I don't know that I've ever seen her as happy as she was the first day that she took steps with both feet.   

"I can finally believe this really will end some day." -- Emily Burley, on the occasion of her first steps. 

So for now, Em has a walking cast on one leg, a walking boot on the other, uses her scooter for big distances, and is learning to use crutches.  It is a beginning.  In PT, her therapist also lets her walk without crutches as long as someone is in front of her with a walker and behind her for extra precaution.  Balance is returning.  Strength is being gained.   Hopefully, she'll be strong and stable enough on crutches that she can use them when she goes back to school next week.
Back to school.  Next week.  One more step in  recovery.

Of course we don't know when it will be, but at some point, she'll make the transition to not having a walking boot or walking cast.  Her feet will touch the floor again and she will learn to walk on her own.  Her next appointment is January 10th, and that may be the beginning of that transition. 

I have some videos to post and some pictures to add when I'm back on my own computer.  Be sure to check next week. 

Thank you again for being faithful friends and for praying for Emily throughout this process. 

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