Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesdays Together

What is your favorite thing to do with friends? Grab a meal? Watch a movie? Just hang out?

I love going and doing. I love seeing new places and learning new things. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

However, the older I get, the more I find myself seeking time with the people I've known the longest -- my family, my childhood friends, college friends -- the people who know me and can kind of understand why I am the way I am. And when I'm with them, I love nothing more than just hanging out and being together.

How about you? What's your favorite way to just be with someone?


Marisa Lynn Farmer said...

Just that... Being with them. It never seems to matter what we do together as long as we fins ourselves together. That is the real gift! Having people walking with you through this life that GET you and really KNOW you in ways that we are often afraid to let anyone know us.

One thing I have found is, no matter how much or ( as of late, how little ) I get to see my girls there is always something share about our life, whether it be old or new news. It is always a blessing, even when there are tears. God is awesome! Isn't it great how he knows JUST the right people to put in our path?

Like today for example... God had placed on my heart this weekend to take a step of faith ad trust that he would guide my life in His direction if I could stop worrying about what direction that was. I decided I needed to get involved, somehow, somewhere with people. In fact i shared this revelation with three ladies in my life just today. Tonight I got a Phone call from a friend at church asking me if I wanted to get involved with teaching first graders... That was God!!

I guess I get off topic to say this... God is so awesome, amazing, forgiving, loving, graceful, just, powerful... I can't believe I miss that fact so often!

I, we, are truly blessed!!!

Marisa Lynn Farmer said...

And forgive the poor typing, I'm On my iPhone! :)

Daysha said...

amen Marisa! I love just talking! Not even going and doing but just sitting down and talking! At coffee shops, dinner, or outside walking around- it doesn't matter!

lisa b said...

Marisa, I'm in awe of your phone-typing skills. No apology needed!

Do you think that just talking is so treasured because we've become used to doing 3-4 things at once and when we're talking we're more focused on real connection and being instead of doing?