Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you don't believe that life moves in circles, you haven't really been paying attention. Sometimes, the circles are pretty organized and straightforward.

Sometimes they are fun and festive.

Sometimes they are just crazy and colorful and all over the place.

Most days, my life feels like this picture, but I have a feeling that God sees it more like the top one: ordered, planned, reasonable.

My current circular movements include
  • living in the house i grew up in
  • working on the same campus where my dad taught for 30+ years
  • helping others who have questions about the history of said campus
  • sponsoring the club i pledged in 1986
  • running into an old boyfriend in front of the student center (yeah, THAT was fun.)
  • listening to the same music i did in junior high
  • and reading this blog written by a stay-at-home dad that i used to babysit when i was a teenager. i loved watching his mom BE a mom and now i'm learning even more by watching him be a dad.
Here's some of that still-good-after-all-these-years music to listen to while you're reading David's blog.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for this encouraging post, Lisa. I long to see my circles as orderly and God ordained but sometimes running around like a crazy person.

David said...

Thanks for the link!