Thursday, June 09, 2011

Around our house

Here are some recent events in the Burley household:

1. School is OUT!!

2. Caleb and Daniel are doing Kidstage. This summer's production will be Beauty and the Beast.

Caleb is filling the role of Gaston.

Daniel is Belle's father, Maurice.

3. School isn't out for everyone. Keith has returned to school and plans to get a degree in Accounting. He's taking one class this month, and another class next month, then plans to go full time in the fall.

4. I'm helping plan a 25-year reunion for my high school class. TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! I'm considering a "The Breakfast Club Meets The Big Chill" theme.

From high school angst to adult complications and drama. Seriously -- how did we move from one to the other so quickly?

5. I had another awesome trip with my friends from work. We did nothing illegal, but we did spray paint a few cars. :-)

And although we didn't do this one, I think it was my favorite one that day.

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