Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss.

I miss these people. I miss who we were in college and the fun we had. I am SO SO THANKFUL for the relationships we've been able to reestablish through online communication, but still . . . I miss all of us being young, idealistic, broke, but ready to change the world. I miss the laughter, the tears, the easy-going pace of life when grades were all you really had to worry about.

I miss US.

We were all in a hurry to be at the next stage. If I could tell the college students I work today any one thing, it would be to not be in a hurry. Savor. every. moment. of the unencumbered time that you have. Be yourself and don't be in a such a hurry to become part of someone else.

Don't let your youth be wasted just because you're young.

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Mom of 5 said...

Oh goodness, that is SO well said!!!!