Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

This should be easy, right? It shouldn't be hard to think of something you really want to do before you die. Trouble is, I don't think that way. I'm in that stage of life where I'm very focused on getting through each day as it comes and trying NOT to forget to pick someone up after school when I need to.

Here was my list as a child:

1. Be a mom. Done that.

Here was the list a few years ago:

1. Finish undergrad (with five kids and a husband that worked out of town and working part time.) Done that.

2. Get a master's degree. (with five kids and working full time.) Done that.

3. Have an office -- some space of my own. Done that.

So now -- really -- it's about the day-to-day.

Oh wait. There is one thing.

I want to reach a place where I live intentionally every day. Where my mind and attitude are calm and I can live in the moment rather than running all the "what ifs" and "maybes" through my head. I want to do what I can -- whatever I can -- everything I can -- and then be content with whatever is happening, knowing that whatever it is, it is in God's hands.

I want to not be concerned about what is good, bad, right, wrong and remember to live in truth, knowing that the truth is that every. single. breath. is a gift from God so that no matter what happens, it will somehow be of Him and come through Him. That even when horrific, evil things happen -- and they do happen -- he will somehow redeem them and make them his own.

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