Monday, January 10, 2011

We interrupt this busyness . . .

for a day outside of time.

Isn't that what a snow day feels like? A day that somehow just doesn't count on the calendar as used or lost or even as existing? It's a magic bit of time to use however you want or need.

My snow day has included reflection time this morning, reading, much needed house work, blueberry muffin baking, picture taking, and grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup making.

If I had a dollar for everything time I've said, "Close the door!" then I probably wouldn't have to go back to work.

If a photograph could capture the feeling of hope and restoration that I feel when I look out the window, I would take more pictures.

Today, however, I want to just soak it up. Let the kids trail in and out or watch too much tv and play Beatles Rock Band or Just Dance. Talk Harry Potter. Speculate about the possibility of school tomorrow.

Because whatever happens today doesn't count. It's a day outside of time.

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