Saturday, December 05, 2009

JoC does LDB

Jars of Clay continues to make me happy with every release, and their 2007 Christmas collection is no exception. I haven't heard everything on it -- just bits and pieces on "Best of" recordings and on the radio -- but each song is thoughtful, haunting, and very Jars of Clayish.

Until this one, the only version of Little Drummer Boy I've ever liked is an A Cappella one that is best experienced by singing it in a choir (thank you Craig Jones!) Honestly, this song usually bores me. I know the message is great: we all have gifts to give and none should be dismissed as unworthy to give. The song usually just drags or is just plain ole hokey (I'm thinking Bob Seger here).

But this? This is almost ethereal. The vocals, the harmonies, the rhythms . . . it's a wonderful and contemporary interpretation of a song most of us have grown weary of.

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