Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Before we get too serious . . .

You all know I'm a reader and that books and words are a huge part of who I am. My friend Suzanne has started a new "feature" on her blog -- she's asking people to share their favorite children's books. I can't resist being a part of this, even though I'm a day late getting started.

I encountered this book in fifth grade, when it was read to me by my teacher, Mrs. Mary Helsten. She had already taken us on a voyage through The Chronicles of Narnia and then she invited us to go on a journey through space! Mrs. Helsten may have had more influence on my young adult reading than any other teacher.

Such a great book has to go through several incarnations. Here are some later covers:

And here it is -- making a television appearance on my favorite show:


Suzanne said...

hey girl!

thanks for doing this! i remember my neighbor taking me to see this as a performance at the children's theater when i was young. though, i've never read it (gasp!). i'll have to add it to my list!

Sheila said...

What show is that?

lisa b said...

LOST. Airplane crashes on an island and the survivors only have what lands with them. Through the whole first season, this character (Sawyer) was seen with all the books that managed to survive the flight. I thought it was a very clever plot device since you usually do see so many books on airplanes.