Sunday, June 28, 2009

Christian Scholars Conference

Yesterday I came home from the 29th Christian Scholars Conference. It was my first time to attend the conference, but I hope that it can be an annual event for me.

My own words won't sufficiently express the beauty and depth of thought that were present. I'm usually a note-taker and picture maker, but for these few days I wanted to to just sit and listen and be fully engaged rather than acting as an observer or scribe of the events.

Hubert Locke spoke of the atrocities of the Holocaust and reminded us that education is not the key to society's ills. We are a part of a world that experiences beautiful glimpses of God's goodness and horrific pictures of Satan's evil. Education of the head will never solve this world's problems. Education of the heart and loving others as God loves them is the only hope for more goodness in the world.

Barbara Brown Taylor spoke of the sacredness of each part of life. God can be found in taking care of chickens, connecting with others while waiting in line, and on rare occasions he can be found in the pages of a Harlequin romance novel. Life is full of stories that are on display before us and we must choose which stories we will focus on. We cannot keep up with them all, but we must not choose a narrative that is too small.

Hearing Billy Collins read his own poetry was a joy. I wish that everyone who has ever said, "Poetry is not my thing," could have heard him. He is funny, down-to-earth, and incredibly insightful. If you struggle with poetry, find Billy Collins.

And everyone should check out Tokens. Best worship service I've been to in a long time.

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