Friday, May 29, 2009

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Lisa Underwood Burley I don't know . . .I may color my hair in spite of my lifelong statements that I would never do it. Whaddya think?
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Katie Holmes at 9:16am May 29
I fully support hair coloring - it's always refreshing!

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:17am May 29
So . . COLOR color or highlights? And who's gonna help me? So many decisions!

Ellen Fowler Jones at 9:19am May 29
First timer? Go somewhere good. They'll do a consult first and find out what you're wanting. They'll know what your hair will or will not do. I recommend Tiffany at Salon Bliss. Happy coloring!

Dawn Pasley at 9:21am May 29
I'm a 'no color' fanatic too! Don't give in!!! God made you beautiful, why change a good thing???

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:22am May 29
But I'm cheap -- I mean frugal -- which is part of why I've never done this before. A do-it-yourself thing sounds much easier on the pocket book.

Kathy Walters at 9:23am May 29
Go for it if that is what you want.........I've colored mine for years and now trying to figure out how to let it "go natural" gracefully. LOL As for color or highlights......what look do you want to achieve?

Stan Manning at 9:24am May 29 via Facebook Mobile
Wouldn't recommend the "do it yourself" route. Look at my results. (editor's note: Stan is completely bald)

Katie Holmes at 9:24am May 29
Well, it depends on how dramatic of a change you want. Highlights are subtle, and dying is more noticeable. If you're going to do it yourself, you should research the brand before you use it. Some of them fade pretty easily, so I'd read some user reviews before picking one.

Ellen Fowler Jones at 9:25am May 29
My box of choice is Feria. I haven't done boxed highlights. Are you wanting a change? Just don't go crazy. Subtlety is good when dealing with do-it-yourself.

Jessie Floyd Fulks at 9:26am May 29
First time, I'll vote for... Black with some chunks of purple to avoid boredom :)

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:27am May 29
I just want some light around my face! I never thought my hair would be as dark as it is. I'm not looking for blond again, just something bright enough to match my view of myself.

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:28am May 29
Oh Jessie! I love you so much!

Nat J. Earl at 9:32am May 29
I am right there with you. I'm doing it. But not the permanent stuff for now..

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:33am May 29
Hmmm . . . maybe I'll go red. :-)

Nat J. Earl at 9:36am May 29
Red sound fun!!
And purple, too. But I don't have the guts for either one. And I'm too lazy to keep up with that stuff.. I'll just try to cover a little my grays..
Be sure to put pictures when/if you do it!

Nat J. Earl at 9:37am May 29
(btw- red *sounds* fun)

Lisa Underwood Burley at 9:44am May 29
Oh Natascia, me neither. :-) I don't know what I'll do, but I think I will do something . . . stay tuned!

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 9:45am May 29
I need to meet your friend Dawn. I'm not fanatical about it, but I think it's something our society has made seem normal, when it really isn't. I wonder how much money is spent nationwide on hair coloring annually, and how else it could be spent? Maybe you could talk with Aunt Dorothy to get a perspective from someone who's been on both sides of the fence.

Melissa Huston at 9:52am May 29
I have been coloring my hair(myself) since I was 25. You have to do it every 4-5 weeks so think if you want to get on that journey. I say keep it natural. You have always had beautiful hair!

Terrie Wagner at 9:54am May 29
Natural red *is* fun... but you should hear the things we say about dyed reds ... platinum blondes get kinder comments... there is absolutely no red produced that has ever looked natural. :-)

Nat J. Earl at 9:55am May 29
Well, Sheila.. I guess I could spend that money for coffee at the MO.. that's an idea..
And I wasn't fanatical about it either, however - in my old, but maybe not so wise age - I don't fret about those things anymore.. I mean, if I do it it won't be b/c of the society, but just b/c I like it or I want it.. And I'm starting to believe that "liking... Read More" and "wanting" something is not always wrong. Unfortunately sometimes we are made to feel guilty about such approach.. So, do it if you want to, don't do it if you don't want. Sometimes there is value in some healthy selfishness (or is it a contradiction in terms??)

Kristine Morris at 9:55am May 29
If you go the do-it-yourself route, choose a semi-permanent color. It will gradually wash out over a few weeks so there are no root lines. Also it's not a terrible tragedy if you don't like the color. Very easy to do. But I warn you . . . it's a gateway drug. You start out small with some hair product from Walmart but pretty soon you're not satisfied and you move on to the stronger stuff. Next thing you know you're counting the days until your next salon fix.

Terrie Wagner at 9:57am May 29
Nat, I think there's definitely value in "healthy selfishness" when it is done for personal reasons and not to meet some artificially imposed social expectations. :-)

Nat J. Earl at 9:59am May 29

Lisa Underwood Burley at 10:08am May 29
I had no idea that hair color was such a philosophical thing!

Nat J. Earl at 10:08am May 29
Lisa: LOL!!!!

Dawn Pasley at 10:08am May 29
Hello Sheila. What are your thoughts about manicures and waxing? Personally I think money could be better spent...mine is. ;)

Dawn Pasley at 10:10am May 29
Kristine's comment proves you should just not start! See, it's an addiction! ;)

Nat J. Earl at 10:11am May 29
Yeah!! Let's start a conversation about shaving. Personally I think I'm doing the world a favor by shaving!! LOL!! See -- there is a higher reason for that, saving ppl from heart attacks!!

Denise Crawford Waldrop at 10:11am May 29
I'm all about covering that gray!! Mine needs to be done next week!

Semi-permanet for a trial. Dying and then highlighting works wonders! I've done the box and it's fine (Jim actually did the work.) Now I have it highlighted to cover the gray and when it grows out it's not as bad.

Oh. Yeah, people spend too money money kowtowing to society's opinion of what's beautiful. I spent about $45 every 6 weeks on hair, $45 every 6 weeks on toenails, and $7 on a bottle of Jergen's that "tans" my skin. ..

I wanna be beautiful.

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 10:14am May 29
To be clear...did I use the word selfish, or wrong? No. That came from somewhere else. I'm more concerned that another lusury has been normalized, and most people I know don't even seem think through any part of it other than how it will make them feel/look. It's like anything else we spend money on, and the heart is what matters, because people ... Read Morecan have all kinds of reasons for doing what they do. There's also the time factor, which is a biggie for me. Anyway, I love all my friends who dye their hair, and I'm not about to say I wouldn't do it myself someday if for some reasons it seemed important. Lisa, I think your hair looks lovely as is, but I sympathize with the "I don't feel like me" feeling.

Dawn Pasley at 10:18am May 29
I agree Sheila. We are very frugal. There is no way I'd spend that much money on myself when the money is needed elsewhere. I'm not even sure I'd spent that if money were no object. But what is frustrating to me is to see friends that talk about money being tight, but go monthly to get nails done. I care about them and I don't want them to worry about their finances.

Lisa Underwood Burley at 10:20am May 29
And that's really what it is -- I look at pictures and think, "oh my word! Who is THAT?" And I'm definitely weighing the pros and cons of money and time because I typically have very little of either. :-) It's definitely not about what I think society wants or trying to look younger (who really wants to go back to earlier stages of life? not me!). I really like who I am and where I am in life -- I just wanna like my hair too! :-)

And I love my friends, y'all! This has been a hoot!

Nat J. Earl at 10:26am May 29
Sheila, to be perfectly clear, too, I never intended to say that *you* think it's wrong or selfish. I know better than that. But I do think that sometimes things like this have been "demonized", b/c we "dared" spending that money in something so useless, or b/c it's not "natural", or b/c it's not "godly". It could be all those things, but if they ... Read Morethink about it, we could find tons of things that could fit the profile. But having a new car is not considered wrong, buying a new house is praised, and having a dryer is not considered evil.
So, I agree with you, it goes back to the heart. And if your conscience in front of God is clear, I say go for it.

Lisa Gould Hall at 10:27am May 29
Strawberry blond would be easier to pull of naturally. Not that I'm trying to discourage your venture into the "red world". I must agree I can spot a bottle red a mile away, although I think you could pull it off with your skin tone - but you'll never be able to wear pink again. A salon employee tried to color match my hair once, but it would ... Read Morehave taken about 5 different shades (needless to say, I never went back there, it was too wierd). It would take six now. :) I love your hair the way it is, though!

Rhonda King Forcier at 10:28am May 29
absolutely...go for it!

Rhonda King Forcier at 10:31am May 29
oh also keep in mind a good "cheaper" route is the searcy beauty school..ask for a senior student, they'll do it much cheaper than a salon, have had mine done there a few times!

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 10:36am May 29
Thanks, Natascia. Certainly people can be judgmental. I'm just more concerned at the temptation to not even consider issues like money, time, motivation, etc., because of the influence marketing and peer pressure have. (The normalization that no one considers peer pressure, but it is, in a subtly powerful way.) There's got to be a middle ground ... Read Morewhere wisdom has a voice. My final thought is that Lisa might want to talk to Stan just to be sure he isn't telling the truth! And find out what brand he used if he is. :-)

Nat J. Earl at 10:38am May 29
Agreed. :)

Angela Spears Shaw at 11:02am May 29
My initial reaction was "No...don't do it" because I, like Dawn, am a 'no color' fanatic; however, I do know what it feels like to see a picture of yourself and think "Is that what I REALLY look like?" So, while I think you look beautiful just the way you are, if it will help YOU feel more like YOU then I say go for it. (Just be subtle, please...

Sheila, I also am disappointed that society has made yet another luxury seem like the normal thing to do. I was stunned when my daughter's 14 year old friend and her 10 year old brother (who's family lives in public housing and frequently can't afford to put gasoline in their car) showed up one day with a new cut, color, and style. Where are our priorities? And what are we teaching the next generation?

Manda Meier at 11:07am May 29
You should TOTALLY do it! I agree with some other comments that have been made. It is so refreshing and it is fun. Don't think if you do it yourself that it is gonna look bad or get ruined. I have never had mine professionally done and i always love my results. I use revelon with no ammonia. It is one of the cheapest. And it doesn't dry out ... Read Moreyour hair and damage it like others do, because it has no ammonia. Just make sure you use the whole bottle and let it set for the 25 minutes time it says to. It'll come out great! I vote for red!

Samantha Farrar Hayner at 11:48am May 29
We all change as we get older--inside and outside. That is the real you. Can you accept it? Russians and Ukrainians spend massive amounts of money covering up and denying who they are. To me that's sad. Do it only if you're not trying to hide the real you. I've personally always thought of going "European red" some day, but don't want to mess my self up. Philosophy in hair coloring? Absolutely.

Keith Burley at 11:50am May 29
You could make it red and yellow and green and brown
And scarlet and black and ochre and peach
And ruby and olive and violet and fawn
And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve
And cream and crimson and silver and rose... Read More
And azure and lemon and russet and grey
And purple and white and pink and orange
And red and yellow and green and brown and
Scarlet and black and ochre and peach
And ruby and olive and violet and fawn
And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve
And cream and crimson and silver and rose
And azure and lemon and russet and grey
And purple and white and pink and orange
And blue

Lisa Underwood Burley at 11:52am May 29
Ha ha! Lisa and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Hair!

Deborah Stamatis at 12:03pm May 29
As soon I read your status I wanted to respond...then I saw 44 other comments! Wow! I love this! I've always been an "I'll never" girl--now I'm 42 and graying. But I'm still cheap (not frugal). I love and appreciate so much the reminders of where our beauty should come from. I can use my gray hairs to remind me to make sure my character reflects God to those around me in such a way that they don't notice my hair color. (I know, Lisa, this isn't exactly what you're talking about.)

Adria Giles at 12:12pm May 29
I like your hair

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 12:14pm May 29
Definitely pay attention to the men commenting here. Keith's opinion should definitely be considered! You could be a peacock! Your students would love it! You could even make yourself a tail to match!

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 12:17pm May 29
But, Samantha, it's BORING to be real these days! It's all about image and feeling good! Gray hair just doesn't mean what it used to back when Proverbs wsa written! (I noticed this a lot more in Croatia, too, but I think it's just b/c they either can't afford or don't want natural coloring. I've learned that nearly all my friends here dye their hair; I just couldn't tell b/c it's done so naturally.)

Lisa Underwood Burley at 12:37pm May 29
Thank you Adria!

So it's no longer a question of "to color or not to color." It's "Can I accept that I'm getting older?" (Yes and I'm actually enjoying it).

"What about stewardship of money and time?" (Definitely a part of the equation.) ... Read More

"Do I want to start something I'll have to keep on doing?" (Not really which is a huge part of why I never have)

"Am I doing it because society expects me to?" (Nope. It's not about them at all.)

Ah, who knows? I'll probably go to the store, spend time studying boxes and possibilities and then walk away. I fully understand that I am MUCH more than my appearance so whether I change my hair or not really won't affect my vision of myself.

Now about that tattoo . . . :-)

Susie Gray Peacock at 1:04pm May 29
This post made my day! Especially the part where Sheila said you could be a PEACOCK! We would gladly welcome you into the family =)

Sheila Underwood Vamplin at 1:15pm May 29
Well, Lisa, I think it's safe to say that when you finally make a decision, you will have thought it through carefully and will probably be happy with your decision. Whether or not you'll be happy with the dying results is another matter! But I hope it turns out well if you do it! Nothing worse than bad hair color when you'd paid money for it to look good. Reminds me of my first perm....aaaghhhhh....we could be the peacock and the poodle....

Janis Gaines at 1:42pm May 29
It's a total must -- you will wonder why you never did before.

Lisa Underwood Burley at 3:04pm May 29
Susie, I can think of few things that would make me happier than being a Peacock! :-)

Becca Burley at 3:51pm May 29


Molly Underwood said...

This thread was funny, Lisa.

I am now in the trying not to dye camp.
I had a strange accident with one and woke up as my Aunt thelma, 80yr old with jet black hair.
I don't think she was ever comfortable with age, but then she wasn't comfortable with a lot of I recall she stood on a stool at family reunions and read poetry she stole and called her own.
She's one of my more colorful relatives...

Stephanie said...


I say go for it if it makes you happy. And a little advice from my daughter (who does great hair coloring at Holden & Co.): She says the most expensive thing she does is fix do-it-yourself hair coloring mistakes. :-D

Gioietta said...

Not sure if you made up your mind yet, but here are a few 'natural' options ;)
Use espresso to make your hair darker and shinier. Use vinegar for something closer to red/copper shine. Lemon juice and sunshine should make 'natural' golden highlights. NOW I remember trying to do that when I was younger b/c my mom prefered that than me actually coloring my hair. But I was way too impatient and started coloring my hair red (with DIY stuff b/c it is cheaper). Then I did a mistake with a DIY highlight kit that made me totally strawberry blond. My aunt had to practically bleach my hair when roots grew in and die it again something closer to my natural hair color though it came out too dark. So since then I have not done anything. That was about 10 years ago! I haven't tried any 'natural' ways yet, b/c it is more time consuming as well as you probably have to do it often to get any visible results. Natural Henne could be another way to get red hair coloring, and it naturally washes away with time so there shouldn't be a 'root' problem. But I would have to check into that and send you links. I want to actually get a 'henna' tattoo since I am pretty sure I don't have the guts to get a real one (after seeing my sister get one!)