Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A peek into my life these days

Yes, I know I'm not a frequent blogger and that my topics range from music to books to silly YouTube finds to . . . well, just about anything. But isn't that life? So here's a peek into my recent activities:
  1. Planning a conference that we're hosting next week. Each year the librarians from the church of Christ colleges and universities get together and this year Harding is hosting. I know that hanging out with a bunch of librarians is probably not high on most of your lists, but these are some of my favorite people and I'm getting more excited every day!
  2. End of the year activities for my children. So far there have been band concerts, choir concerts, and ballgames. We still have more choir and a softball banquet to go.
  3. Rejoicing with Emily for making flag line! She was one of only three incoming ninth graders selected. Way to go Em!
  4. Grieving with the SHS softball team for not making it all the way to the state finals. They were an amazing team this year and most of them still have another year together. Go Lady Lions!
  5. Went to Dallas for a conference. Traveling with my supervisor-friend Ann is always a treat!
  6. Went to graduation and once again asked, "Will they hit the high notes?" for the 4-times-a-year singing of "Climb Every Mountain." Thankfully, this one did. Just so you can share in the experience, here it is.

David actually did a great job. I just wish I liked this song!

That's about it for now, other than the busyness of day-to-day life. What's going on in your world?


E Lohroff said...

"Each year the librarians from the church of Christ colleges and universities get together"

You mean there are more than 2 of you?

lisa b said...

Ooh, definitely! We're expecting between 40-45 people from 13 different schools. Yep -- some of my favorite people!

Sheila said...

So when did this song become part of graduation? That seems weird to me!

lisa b said...

It's definitely part of the Burks era.

One irony is that this is the one song from this musical that I've never liked and now I have to hear it four times a year. Sometimes it is sung well and halfway enjoyable. Other times? Not so much.

And of course it kills any desire I have to watch the movie.