Saturday, April 18, 2009

I admit it

I've never been the crying type. In junior high and high school when everyone else was crying, I remember being sad or touched but the actual flowing of tears from my eyes did not happen very often.

The older I get, the weepier I seem to get. I know it's probably hormonal, but it still catches me off-guard. I go to chapel and find tears in my eyes. Chapel, I tell ya! Harding's daily chapel is a neat thing but it's rarely been known to be the source of overflowing emotion. Yesterday, I finally watched the Susan Boyle video and I sat in my office and had to grab a tissue. Just now I read a great article on the lack of employment support for new moms who are working and I just wanted to cry.

I'm turning into the weepy type and this is very much not like me. My biggest crying memory in high school was whichever Rocky movie it was when Mickey died. Weepy Girl I was not. Now I cry when John Travolta gets up and sings at the end of Hairspray. "You go Edna Turnblad! You show them how awesome you are, and I'll sit here and cry while ya do it!" Don't even ASK about watching Dreamgirls with me. Cry me a river!

I suppose I'll have to start buying waterproof mascara now.

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Sheila said...

This is actually why I stopped wearing mascara. (The waterproof kind is so hard to get off, I figure it can't be healthy.) For almost two decades now I have been crying in freedom. :-)