Sunday, December 14, 2008


This isn't about the tv show, although it does start again next month.

This is about the things I've lost in the last couple of months.

  1. I lost my camera. I don't know how because it has been my constant companion for the two years I've had it. It was a good camera and there's no way I can afford to replace it. I miss it. I miss taking pictures and sharing them with others. It just isn't there now.
  2. I lost my keys to my office. I have a loaner, but this is NOT GOOD! I'm pretty sure they're in our other van -- the one I don't usually drive, but had to drive earlier this week. I can't describe how much it throws me when I have to switch vehicles. I've checked coat pockets and pants pockets to no avail. Time now to go dig around in the other van and see if they're there.
  3. Now I've lost my cell phone. I had it 3 days ago. It was in the pocket of my purse where it always stays. Then I had to go pick someone else in the -- yep -- other van and now the phone is nowhere to be found. Ugh.
I don't know about the rest of you, but times like this really bother me! It isn't that I'm connected to my things, but rather that I know I'm tired, distracted, and out of my usual places when I start misplacing things. I don't like the feeling of not knowing where the tools of my daily life are.

I very regularly thank God for the beauty of being found. I know that once I was lost and that I still have a way of taking a very meandering path from time to time. And God found me. For a while I thought that I found him but really? He found me.

Perhaps some day soon I will experience the "HALLELUJAH!" moment of finding my camera, keys, or phone but praise God that He and I have already experienced our own "HALLELUJAH!" moment.

And that's some pretty amazing grace.

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Stephanie said...

I feel your pain. Growing up, I was a "loser of things"--not that I didn't care, I just had my mind somewhere else. I developed a coping strategy of present-mindedness, saying to myself "Okay, I'm putting my keys right here," and double checking--"books in backpack, essay in backpack . . ." and for the most part it helped.
But even now I occasionally misplace things, and it's usually in the circumstances you describe. I'm tired, stressed, and have deviated from my normal schedule. I know this doesn't help you find your camera or cell phone, but at least you know you're not alone.

Hope you find them!