Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have I Mentioned . . .

  • that I love Christmas and Christmas music?
  • that the early appearance of these things does not upset me, but makes me very happy?
  • that I love my job?
  • that today I spent time editing a webpage, writing a press release, playing with Instant Message tools (message me from here if you'd like!) and reading about blogs, wikis, and IM?
  • that yesterday, I got to talk about Facebook?
  • and that I get paid for this?
  • that I love my family?
  • that my dad is amazing?
  • that pictures of these last two things will be posted soon?
  • that I get excited about really geeky things?
  • that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?
  • that I really admire this group of women?
  • that God is good? Really, really good. Life is hard, but God is good.
  • that I love you? Yeah -- you.

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