Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Family

Growing up, my family was known for its tendency to take things seriously. We read a lot, didn't watch much tv and classical music was usually playing. We talked a lot about things and tried to figure out why things were the way they were.

With that in mind, I'm not at all surprised that my older brother chose to post this on his blog. It spoke to my heart so deeply that I wanted to share it with you here. Be prepared for deep thoughts about wonderful things.


Sheila said...

"Didn't watch much TV"????

Where were you???

I recall lots of TV watching until lightning struck the antenna.

And I remember Mama saying, "TV will rot your brain." She tried to get us to watch less, but it didn't work, as I recall. And I love that research has essentually proven she was right about what it does to the brain.

Ah, maybe the part of your brain that should remember watching TV rotted; that might explain it. And some other part of mine did, but I remember the TV watching.

Of course, compared to the national averages I hear about these days, maybe we didn't watch THAT much. But I think it was at least 2-3 hours a day many days.

lisa b said...

Well, maybe others were watching tv, but I wasn't. I remember Gilligan's Island and Zoom after school and then LOTS of reading. LOTS and LOTS of reading. In fact, I remember having to cut some sort of deal in order to be able to watch the news as a school assignment because the television was usually never on. Hmmm - isn't it funny how our perceptions are so different?

I don't even remember the zapping of the antenna so it must not have made that much of an impact on my life. When I married a tv watcher I went through major culture shock from which I still have not recovered.

Although I do love visual storytelling, television for the sake of television has never been my cup of tea.

Sheila said...

Well, it's not mine, either. Maybe the reason I remember so much is that I was trying to practice piano and being told to quiet down, because "we're trying to watch TV."

Maybe it was our dear brothers watching most of that TV.

Molly Underwood said...

well! Insight comes...
I'm married to one of the brothers and boy was I surprised at how much TV y'all watched!!
or didn't watch but had on.

And while we're talking about motherly advise,
I remember one saying "now don't take up with strange men when you're on that plane," why would she say that? one thought and then someone blogs about they met this guy on the plane...

hahahah I hope you all are laughing.
I mean it as funny anyhow!

Angela Shaw said...

We lived in North Carolina for 5 years and fell in love with it. The one thing we never did get used to was that NC barbeque. Jimmy thought it was okay. My opinion...not good!