Saturday, February 16, 2008

A few (hopefully) quick notes

Life runs full steam ahead during the school year but I wanted to drop in and catch you up on a few things.

1. If you're within driving distance of Searcy, come to Harding's WINGS conference next Saturday! I'll be helping with the music and will also be serving on a panel discussion debunking the myth of the perfect mother. Trust me -- I'm *really* good at getting rid of that idea!

2. I learned earlier this week that the University of Tennessee is going to accept six hours of graduate credit I took before enrolling in their program. This means that I will be able to finish my degree in August instead of going through December. HOORAY! I get my life back four months early! Woo-hoo!!

3. Last week, one of my best friends from forever got married for the first time. I was honored to be a bridesmaid for the first time in thirteen years. We had a great weekend together and she and her new husband are now on a cruise and will be settling down in the Dallas area.

4. I'm going to Italy with my sister in April. How cool is that? I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures!


A said...

Woo hoo for items 2 & 4!! Rock on!

sarah said...

Nice blog! I was on the knitting site but didn't have time to check out your personal one until now! Good job. Cute pictures!

Teresa C said...

Great update! Congrats on being able to finish grad school early and on the Italy trip.