Saturday, November 03, 2007

Give thanks

Today I'm thankful for migraine medication! Without it I would not have been able to enjoy the following things all in one very busy Harding University Homecoming Saturday.

The leaves around Searcy are BEAUTIFUL this time of year. I didn't realize how much I missed this when we lived in SE Arkansas. The first fall we were back, it took my breath away.

This is my mom -- on the right -- with her college friend Sally Rogers Clark. I heard a lot of stories involving Sally Rogers Clark while I was growing up. It was always said that way -- "Sally Rogers Clark" -- which is what I remember. I don't remember the stories themselves.

When I was a freshman I had a friend named Sherri. About halfway through the semester we were talking and I mentioned my mom's maiden last name, Christmas.

Sherri looked at me -- "Your mom is Mary Christmas?"


A moment of quiet.

"My mom is Sally Rogers Clark."

Harding does really weird things to your life.

This is Emily and my friend Jean and two of her friends who came from Dallas for Homecoming. They all participated in Harding's annual "Stroll for the Cure," a fundraiser for breast cancer research. I was so proud of Em for doing this. She walked in honor of our friend Kathaleen Miller who is a 9-year survivor. I have many friends who have been affected by breast cancer. It seems to hit the Harding community fairly often. I've been meaning to write about my friend Jan Jones who recently passed away. She overcame breast cancer 17 years ago, but lost the battle to pancreatic cancer earlier this fall. Many people walked in her honor. Renee' Tucker was a very good friend of mine who passed away while I was pregnant with Caleb. Had he been a girl, he would have been named Hannah Renee'. Vicky Dell was a Regina sponsor when I was a student at Harding. She passed away several years ago too.

You may wonder why I didn't walk. The next picture explains where I was.

Look at my boys!! Their yellow belt testing was scheduled at the same time as the Stroll for the Cure. Living in Searcy means that life doesn't stop for Homecoming activities. I was SO proud of them when they broke their boards and earned their belts. They've both worked very hard for this. I think you can see their joy in their eyes. Their instructor Derek is a great teacher and a wonderful role model for patience and encouragement. I cried. It may have been the migraine, but I doubt it.

Can you find me in this picture? After lunch we visited the newly opened Harding History House and I was overjoyed (NOT!) to find a picture of 11-year-old me hanging on the wall for all the world to see. And for my kids to laugh at, needless to say.

This was taken at the official ceremony which commemorated the change from Harding College to Harding University. This sign used to be in front of the Heritage Building, but the building has been GREATLY expanded and this sign is no longer in place. There will be some sort of prize for the first person who guesses which geeky 70's child is me. (Family members are excluded from guessing, but -- ooh -- Sheila, are you there? A certain PJ photographer named Darrell is also in the picture!)

The day isn't over yet! In a few minutes we're loading up in the van and then we're off to see the wizard!


This year's musical is The Wizard of Oz. How cool is that?


Sheila said...

If you were 11, I was 13, and Darrell wouldn't have even been in college yet, would he have?

I don't clearly recognize him, no.

Illuminate me.

The weird thing is that I don't even remember this part of the ceremony. I remember standing by the arches....

Maury Draper said...

Oh, I spotted you the instant I looked at the picture! You are the one with your arm propped have blond hair, and look just like Rebecca!

What's my prize?? LOL

I enjoyed your post, and congrats to all the kids, and a pat goes out to you for raising them so well!!

Lisa said...

Sheila, this is a close up of one corner of the picture. I'll send the picture I took of the whole one and you might be able to see him. That picture was a little blurry though.

Maury I'll have to think of a prize for you, but I will send you something! All moms need a pick-me-up every now and then.

I wish you -- and everyone else who reads this -- could have seen Wizard with us tonight. It was phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. I don't even really like the movie version, but I was blown away tonight.

Angela said...

My eye went right to you! You're the cutie standing next to Dr. Ganus.

stace said...

Hooray for Emily for walking for Kathaleen, and hooray to your boys from earning their yellow belts. And a super hooray to their mom for raising 5 pretty special kids!

lohroffe said...

is that a wig? ;-P

Lisa said...

One of my student workers told me I should grow my hair out and cut it exactly like that again!

I fired him.

Denise W said...

I love this! You look just like your children - or they look just like you.....

A little part of me wishes that I could come and visit....

Becca said...

Haha, and I even used to have that exact same hair cut!