Thursday, September 20, 2007

Suz was right.

My friend Suzanne noted that I don't put many pictures of myself on my blog. "What? That can't be right," was my first reaction. Then I realized that yes, I put quite a few on Facebook but here it seems to be all kids all the time. So in response to Suzanne's astute observation, here's a collection of pictures of me over the last year.

This is me and Becca at an end-of-the-year dinner last spring. I'm wearing my power suit. HA!

This is me and Em on Harding's Day of Service last spring. Each semester the university takes an afternoon for faculty, staff, and students to go work on service projects throughout the community. We take a group of library student workers to the elementary school libraries to shelfread and clean for them. I was at Em's school so she came to help.

This is me in my hotel room when we were in Nashville for the Lads to Leaders convention. I don't know why my face is so shiny.

And this is my first ever attempt to take a picture of myself with the digital camera Keith got me for my birthday last year. I think it was in the van on the way to Nashville.

Is that enough? I'm sure I can pull out more if you'd like me to!


silly me said...

it's so good to see you!!

and i love your haircut. how much work is it?

Lisa said...

My hair requires almost no work at all, except when it's getting close to time for a cut.

Most days I get up, wash it, smoodge a bunch of hair paste into it(I think that's what it's called) and then blow dry it. That's it.

That said, I doubt it looks exactly the same two days in a row but I really don't care. I have fleeting thoughts of growing it out a little and doing something else with it but I don't have the time or energy to fight with my hair. And it's very thick so getting it to do anything is a fight.

I've always loved your hair Suzanne! Always!

Sheila said...

You call that almost no work?? I could (well, would) never do that every day!

But it does look cute!