Sunday, November 05, 2006

What are you thankful for?

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, I'm challenging everyone to express just one thought of thanksgiving each day this month. I'm actually stealing this idea from my friend Denise and I am a few days behind. Here's my list for the first five days of the month.

Wednesday, November 1 -- I'm thankful that my daughter Noelle forgives me when I forget to pick her up after softball practice.

Thursday, November 2 -- I'm thankful for days when I don't have class or any other evening commitments and I get to just go home and watch tv with my kiddoes.

Friday, November 3 -- It's FRIDAY! Need I say more?

Saturday, November 4 -- I'm *extremely* thankful for my job and for the fact that they hired me without making me finish my master's degree first. I'm also thankful that my classes are all online and I don't have to go to Knoxville every week for class.

Sunday, November 5 -- I'm thankful for my husband Keith who got up this morning and fixed breakfast and got a roast started in the crockpot. I'm also thankful for the church potluck and the time we had to visit with friends.

OK -- your turn. Who's up for the challenge. Just one thing each day for the month. Who's next?


Denise W. said...

Great post. Now what are we doing in the month of December?

Sheila said...

I'm thankful for my sister Lisa and her outlook on life.